American Pressure Point Self Defense System

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American Pressure Point Self Defense System

Featured in the June 2002 “Buyer’s Guide” and May 2003 “Essential Gear” sections of Black Belt Magazine, is based on Master Moran’s unique method of teaching pressure point fighting techniques.

Unlike most pressure point instructors, Master Moran does not follow Oriental medicine or acupuncture theory when teaching pressure points. Rather, he follows a system based on western medical knowledge and common sense that he devised by working with an American physician.

Master Moran’s system does not utilize chi meridians, five element theory, or exotic names for pressure points. It is easy to learn and easy to remember. With a year or more or training as a  student you will have learned more than 100 pressure points and how to use them effectively to stop a violent attack. Each course comes with a pressure point chart so that the student can more easily find the points and replicate the techniques they learn in class.

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