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Learn Stick Fighting At Home

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Karate Class Belmont MA

Wanted: Serious Martial Artist

Students wanted for a martial arts journey. Expect hard training sessions, sore muscles, bruised and scuffed hands, arms, and feet. In the event of your doubtful success on the journey to black belt, honor and recognition!

How to increase punching speed /get faster Hands! #karate #fasthands

Online Classes Available. Speed Striking Drills Made Easy DVD! Get faster regardless of what style of martial arts you train in. On this DVD, Master Robert J. Moran demonstrates a collection of drills that train you to strike faster and more effectively. You will learn drill that make you faster with your hand strikes. This

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Become a pressure point self defense expert

Become a pressure point self defense expert with Grand Master Moran’s 12 DVD Pressure point self defense step by step easy to learn system Item details 5 out of 5 stars. (29) reviews   This package includes Grand Master Moran’s twelve-tape set of pressure point clinic tapes developed for the National Institute of Pressure Point

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Sharp Shooter Original Tactical Self Defense keychain

  This Tiny survival Self Defense para cord keychain won’t break when you need it the most. Made with 550 test para cord. It comes with a one year guarantee,and comes with a free instruction DVD! Sharp Shooter Original Tactical keychain Only $12.95 USD


PRESSURE POINT KNOCKOUTS #Knockouts http://bushidoproductions.com PRESSURE POINT KNOCKOUTS Where are the legions of martial artists whose health has been ruined by these strikes?” There are two answers to these questions. First, it is not possible to observe the long-term effects on a person’s health arising from pressure point strikes if they have not yet occurred.

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Calling All Kubotan/Pocket Stick Instructors

Do you teach or run Kubotan seminars? Are you looking for new, original Kubotan self defense techniques? Well now you can super charge your seminars with the Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain. We are seeking self defense instructors to teach and spread the word about our amazing but tiny self defense keychain. Bring new excitement

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DVD Street Fighting Self Defense with Kata

DVD Street Fighting Self Defense with Kata Item Details (16)reviews Shipping & Policies In this tape, Master Robert J. Moran illustrates how kata can be used in actual self defense situations. Kata is true karate and true karate is kata. The techniques used in point sparring are for sport, not real self defense. Indeed, the

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Kubotan is Obsolete!

Does someone you know, work late night or go to college. Do they have to walk alone home after work or across campus to get to classes? Are you worried they will be attacked by some low life criminal or rapist? Now is the time to get them the Sharp Shooter self defense keychain. Give

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