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Speed Striking Drills Made Easy DVD!
Get faster regardless of what style of martial arts you train in. On this DVD, Master Robert J. Moran demonstrates a collection of drills that train you to strike faster and more effectively. You will learn drill that make you faster with your hand strikes. This tape is a great companion to Master Moran’s twelve-tape series on pressure points.



Become a pressure point self defense expert with Grand Master Moran’s 12 DVD Pressure point self defense step by step easy to learn system
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This package includes Grand Master Moran’s twelve-tape set of pressure point clinic tapes developed for the National Institute of Pressure Point Arts,12 pressure point charts,video or skype testing for rank under the Institute, free e-mail and/or phone consultations with Master Moran related to the DVDs, and a lifetime membership to the Institute.American Pressure Point Self Defense System
This video tape series, featured in the June 2002 “Buyer’s Guide” and May 2003 “Essential Gear” sections of Black Belt Magazine, is based on Master Moran’s unique method of teaching pressure point fighting techniques.
Unlike most pressure point instructors,Grand Master Moran does not follow Oriental medicine or acupuncture theory when teaching pressure points. Rather, he follows a system based on western medical knowledge and common sense that he devised by working with an American physician.
Master Moran’s system does not utilize chi meridians, five element theory, or exotic names for pressure points. It is easy to learn and easy to remember. After completing the series a student will have learned more than 108 pressure points and how to attack them effectively. Each tape comes with a pressure point chart so that the viewer can more easily find the points and replicate the techniques. Price recently has been reduced!CLICK HERE VISIT OUR GIFT SHOP!

Does someone you know, work late night or go to college. Do they have to walk alone home after work or across campus to get to classes? Are you worried they will be attacked by some low life criminal or rapist? Now is the time to get them the Sharp Shooter self defense keychain. Give it a fast snap out so the sharp shooter can change into a powerful long distance device, so that you are able to protect
you and others in danger from, for example, a mugger.
The Sharp Shooter self defense Keychain is so strong we only use
heavy duty key rings,
Powerful 550 test cord that will hold up when you need it the most.
You shouls be safe when you are out in the streets.
If you are unhappy with the Sharp Shooter Keychain in any way, over the next FULL YEAR, I will refund you the entire amount of your purchase, no questions asked.

I know you are going to be happy with your purchase. Once you have it in your hands, you can feel the power you’re capable of unleashing with it. You will feel the sense of security that comes with the knowledge that at any time, and in any place, you’re capable of defending yourself.

Remember, when you order, you’re getting:

1) The Sharp Shooter Keychain – The most subtly powerful self-defense device you can take with you practically anywhere you go.
2) “Three Techniques To Disabling ANYONE With The Sharp Shooter Keychain”
3) The Pressure Point Self Defense DVD
4) The Pressure Point Self Defense Chart

All backed by a one-year, no-questions-asked guarantee.